Habermas: The public sphere

Jurgen Habermas a pre-eminent social and political theorist whose ideas around the “Public Sphere” have influenced much  of the contemporary thinking around the information or network society.  Habermas describes the public sphere as a shared public conversation which encapsulates political, social and cultural debate.  He argues that this public sphere is essential to the functioning

Town Hall 2.0

I am really writing this to put a marker down for future thinking.  I am working on my research proposal for the PHD at the moment and this is a idea which is itching me but I can’t scratch it right now as I need to be focusing down on specifics of citizenscape for the

Monetising the social web

The post on the questionnaire has been hijacked by my pressing need to pass a stats course which is being examined next week – ask me about ANOVA if you are not afraid to hear the answer! However I just wanted to note this thought as its been on my mind all day: There is

Europetitions and other new things

I have just spent a couple of days in London for the launch of our new EU funded project:   Europetition which has been designed to do two things: To build up clusers of local petitioning organisations – usually Local Authorities – in our 5 pilot regions so that they can share best practice, protocol and