Virtual Town Hall pilot – ready to go!

I’ve been rather focused this week on getting the paper I needed to get finished in order to explain the Virtual Town Hall concept and finish recruiting people for the pilot.  I’ve spoken to a lot of people in principle and had some very positive noises – now is the time to actually get the detailed sorted out.  I then of course had to write a two page summary document as few people will want to read the whole thing!!!

The pilots should get going in October and we are looking for 4-6 councils who are happy to join a shared project where they can learn from each other during the 12 month period as well as trying out the Virtual Town Hall idea. I am hoping to create a good mix of participants from different types of councils on a number of different criteria:

  • Type of council (District/County/Unitary etc)

  • Geographical location

  • Size

  • Urban / Rural / Suburban

I’ve also been working on the initial questionnaire and one of the things which is currently exercising me is coming up with a list of formal democratic actions that I can then measure any increases in over the course of the project.  So far I have:

  • Vote

  • Attend a council meeting
  • Attend a public meeting
  • Attend a local community meeting

  • Stand as a councillor
  • Respond to a council consultation

  • Respond to a council question

  • Respond to a government consultation

  • Sign a petition

But this does not seem quite right so I am now looking for pre-existing lists of such things as I can’t believe such a thing doesn’t already exist – I would be very grateful for suggestions on this.

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