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Plan the day not just the work

Plan the day not just the work

In 2018 I wrote a few things about something I called mindful diary. I rather lost a grip on this in the later part of last year – not helped by an office move to Stratford and the fact that this has made quite a big impact on my commute. This post is me coming

2020:  setting an(other) intent

2020: setting an(other) intent

As ever I am spending these first few days of the year pottering about sorting at home, thinking and writing. I love this time hunkered down at home, the house is cosy and the dog walks are tranquil with the countryside sleeping (albeit it doing so underwater). This post is a check in on where

Week notes:  24th February 2019

Week notes: 24th February 2019

I’ve been a bit lax with the 500 words partly because I have been on holiday but partly because I have been brooding over the RBKC post which I just published. Having set that free – and also published the piece I wrote about my research interests for the year here I am again.

2019 enquiries:  Getting started

2019 enquiries: Getting started

I wrote at the start of the year that I wanted to open up my personal enquiry for the year and see who else is interested in the things I am interested in.  I’ve spoken to a few people about this and have some takers so this post is intended to get the ball rolling