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Week notes 9th April 2018

Week notes 9th April 2018

New job new desk – endorsed by dog. In summary. Week two – still love it. I’m now starting to dig a bit deeper into the organisation and meeting some people outside of the immediate team – they continue to be clever, committed people who want to get stuff done – joy! I’m also starting

Adaptive programme management

I have been thinking about how you could best apply agile principles to project management for a while – you can read some of my earlier musing here. This draft programme design has been drawn from my experience in both action research and also agile development – the latter being in a management rather than

Are Comms the blockers?

Better late than never?  Here is a rather delayed writeup of a session I facilitated at CommsCamp…… Ok then, slightly provocative title but it did get people’s attention. The question I put to the group was about the fact that, within the wider organisation, communications are often seen as the blocker with respect to social media