Personal Reflections

Thinking in public

Thinking in public

I’m just wrapping up after a few days out of the office doing some deeper thinking than you get chance to do in the normal week – I have called it my August firebreak.  It was one of the things I wanted to do as part of my personal development this year and I am

Viva la thesis!

This is a quick post intended to thank some people as last week I successfully completed by viva and, subject to corrections which I will explain below, am 99% there to becoming Dr Howe (or Dr Curious – I can’t decide).  Best way to do this (and also for George and her @Acknowledgers project) is

Open by Default

I find myself using the phrase ‘open by default’ more and more frequently. This post is an attempt to explore what I mean. We use so many of these terms so rather loosely so that they start to lose their meaning – engage, participate, innovate, open – if we want to keep the power in

my 20 things from #ukgov12

If you pitch 4 sessions you will have a lot to write up We have moved on from last year – more stuff is mainstream and big ideas are being taken seriously.  However we now need to focus on building a proper evidence base to stop ourselves running away with ideas that we have not

#ff deficit reduction

I am rubbish at #ff partly because I never get round to it, partly because I never remember on a Friday and partly because I have yet to find an iphone client which makes it easy to pick a list of people (suggestions on this very welcome).  Anyway, I read content from some really interesting and talented folks and