Citizenscape – December 08 project meeting planning

The team is going to get together in December in Brighton and apart from finding somewhere really good to take them to dinner I want to be clear on the objectives for the meeting:

  • There are as ever some EU project formalities which need to be gone over – not the least because we have a review meeting in January
  • We need to demo the first parts of the citizenscape websites as well presenting the functionality.  My hope is that will be the ‘container’ site for Bristol plus our multimedia discussion board with the Citizenscape UI.  I am concerned that this is a big ask for next week but we shall see at the sprint planning meeting on Monday.
  • We need to get to the bottom of why we have not yet had any stakeholder engagement meeting.  Is it a bad idea to do them or is there an underlying problem which is making these difficult to deliver
  • We need to have clarity around the stakeholder groups for each region and also confirm which widgets they want for their site launch in January
  • Try and get as many of them as possible to start a research diary

As a projext manager what I am really trying to do is to break the current inertia (mainly caused by the lack of development progress of course) and get some real work with citizens taking place and also to start to set people up to report on their progress and learning from the project so that this is embedded from early on.

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