This is a short note prior to a proper post but as we move forward with getting the Citizenscape sites actually up and running you can start to see why the idea of co-creation needs to be so strong in the citizenscape methodology.  The Citizenscape sites will be containers for different types of widgets which means that it will be much easier than in a standard website for content to genuinely be sourced from different places (and owners) in a far more authentic way than by just copying it there.  You can recreate branding and styling to really reinforce the fact that this is a shared space.

As the sites get up and running it will be easier to show this to the participants (the teams have struggled explaining this idea to stakeholders) that there is a place for their content – which should be possible if we can really put across the fact that these sites are beta and can be amended.

The upshot of it is that we need to look at amending the methodology to formally include this extra stage as part of the process.

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