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This is quick personal note about leadership and ambiguity.

I’m just about to step into the interim CEX role. I’m excited about this and feel very fortunate to be so well supported by by Martin and Paul, the other 2 directors as well as feeling grateful for the thoughtful and generous handover Alex is doing as our outgoing CEX.

I have been, and will be, very open about my intention to go for the permanent role – being at Adur and Worthing feels like being in the right place at the right time and I would love the opportunity to lead the organisation into its next phase.

I’m very conscious of the danger of being in my head for the whole period of the interim role as I started to frame it as long running job interview. One very helpful session with my coach and I realise that I need to keep the two things separate if I am going to be an effective leader during this period of ambiguity where I am the CEX and also not the CEX.

I hope that this offers more certainty for the organisation – or at least the illusion of certainty. There is no much to get done in this period it feels like my naval gazing my every move is not a good use of energy that the work needs.

There is a huge vulnerability involved in not only really wanting something but also saying so publicly. Its a lot easier to do stuff that matters less and keep yourself more guarded but it doesn’t feel like the time to take that safer route – this opportunity is here now and more importantly there is work that needs doing that I think I can – and importantly lead.

I will be gutted if I don’t succeed – but I would be more gutted if I didn’t try.

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