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I am rubbish at #ff partly because I never get round to it, partly because I never remember on a Friday and partly because I have yet to find an iphone client which makes it easy to pick a list of people (suggestions on this very welcome).  Anyway, I read content from some really interesting and talented folks and I wanted to appreciate them properly here so –please accept this as a massive #ff catch up.  There are rather a lot but then I don’t do this very often.  As I was writing this I realised that I was over using some words – I started to edit these out but then I realised that I was highlighting the qualities that I most value, thoughtful, informative, evidence based, human  – for please forgive the prose as I didn’t think it was a good use of time to go and hunt through the thesaurus.

Mighty bloggers (who mainly also tweet)

  • Demsoc – and not just because I work with him – Anthony’s blogging is thoughtful and incredibly knowledgeable and I always look to his stuff to give me a wider perspective on the democratic consequences of current affairs.  He finds excellent stuff on twitter and is also extremely funny.
  • Dave Briggs – Dave is a collector of ideas and people and if he recommends anything then I read it as he spots the good stuff – which is why I am always immensely flattered when he highlights one of of my pieces.  I think it’s because it’s obviously reads and thinks about stuff rather than just sending it on.  He’s also rather funny as well – though often considerably ruder than Anthony
  • Michelle Ide Smith – Michelle’s stuff is thoughtful, well researched and thorough.  As a researcher I really appreciative the fact that her pieces are reflective and informative.  I also have a weakness for fellow dog owners
  • Paul Clarke – I love the lyric tone that Paul brings to really technical stuff and how he manages to show it’s enormous relevance to everyday life.  I also like the fact that he always tries to see things from all angles.
  • Toby Blume – Toby is a new find for me but as I start to think more and more about the economic impacts of change it’s great to be able to read his thoughtful and principled writing
  • Ingrid Koehler – Ingrid’s blog shows her acres of experience and deep knowledge of the sector – and it’s an excellent read
  • LouLouK – I love Louise’s blog – it’s very real, very honest and very practical in many ways.  It’s a view from the sharp end of a lot of the stuff that I spend time pontificating on and a great read
  • Matthew Taylor – I know – he comes across often as rather pleased with himself and a little insecure but his thinking is on a grand scale and I really appreciate the ambition and the sheer scale of what he is trying to do – and it’s always good to read stuff from people who write that well
  • Chris Taggert (AKA CountCulture) – Chris writes passionately and uncompromisingingly about open data and transparency as a whole.  I’m just really glad he does
  • Emma Mulqueeny (aka Hubmum) – I’m always glad to see a post from Emma – like Paul Clarke she has a knack for showing the everyday impact of the social web in an informed and reflective way
  • Gr8governance – Carl is working really hard to transform democracy in kirkless.  He’s someone who has a real faith in the democratic system at the same time as knowing its needs to change and his blog is about this journey.  His post about his father was one of my all time favourites and finally made me get a glimmer of what this football business is about
  • Carl Haggerty – great blog to show the way in which public sector needs to change – human and technical at the same time
  • Christine Smith – Christine is a social media expert fro Sussex police and a special special – its a relatively new blog but excellent – if you are interested I what it’s like to be a special then it’s a must
  • Dan Slee – Dan writes is another practitioner who provides that valuable balance between analysis and practicality – and always very well phrased…
  • Danah Boyd – Academically I want to be Danah when I grow up – in real life I fear I may have started too late….incisive, knowledgeable and questing she is leading the way in terms of thinking about what social media means

And now for something completely different – I present the twitterati (who mostly also blog)

  • Kathryn Corrick – Kathryn is political and interested in democracy but from a much more journalistic perspective.  She’s an excellent curator of content which means I’m always clicking through on her links.
  • Janet e Davis – I met Janet at city camp London and I’m so glad I did – she brings a different perspective to my twitterstream and her photographs are lovely
  • Podnosh – nick’s been fairly quiet really – and I miss his very sharp, funny and honest view on things – all in 140 characters
  • Noelito – I just don’t know how Noel covers the ground that he does but his electric and informative tweets are a huge asset
  • Nick Keane – Nick knows everyone connected with social media and the police and he is open, warm and generous in the way he shares this knowledge because he has a real passion for helping the police force evolve
  • TomSprints – conversational, informed, generous and informative – with a well developed sense of irony


that’s it for now – though there are always more to find…..

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