Dana Boyd interview: Teenagers online and some really good observations….

I just wanted to point out this interview with Danah Boyd – I like the fact that she makes it clear that so much of the behaviour we see online is actually normal teenage behaviour – its just happening online – which brings visability and longevity.  She is very relaxed about this longevity point – and the fact that we will all get far more comfortable with the idea of your ‘earlier selves’ being available.

Interesting comments about privacy and privilege – and the difficulties of personal / professional boundaries and how it effects the offline power relationships.  We suddenly have to redraw boundaries and include your public online content as part of your professional persona.

You can also read the transcript here.

The issue for me is the fact that these behaviours that she is describing are also seen in adults – because the space supports that teenage behaviour – and that early adopters are using the same cultural norms – but that’s another post I think.

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