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Welcome and thanks for visiting.  This blog is where I write about projects I am working on, capture my research in progress and generally organise my thinking in public.  It helps me enormously to have a place to do this – I hope you also find it useful.

Current lines of enquiry include the 9 tribes of digital, designing for democracy and more general thinking about technology driven change and the digital mindset.

If you are looking for my professional bio then you need to head over to LinkedIn . If you are trying to find me online for a more research orientated discussion then you can find me on twitter as @curiousc.  If you want to contact to me about speaking at an event then you can contact me via either of these routes.

Dr Catherine Howe

Here are some of the things I am currently working on:

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More people – less technology

We need to remember that if we are going to make the virtual town hall work we have to always remember that its all about the people and we need to make this work in the messy realm of people compromises rather than the tidy world of technology. One of ...

Still working on that iphone problem

Well yes – I have not yet resolved my iphone quandry but have been thinking a lot about what I need from a mobile device as I really am that dull. Am now trying out an email update service which someone suggested to see if this provides the missing link. ...

Nothing better than a good debate…..

I had the excellent pleasure of someone not only having read my post on life leaks but then having them point out that I was contradicting myself at the very moment we were discussing it – it was such a good point that I didn’t even mind not having made ...

Sorry to tell you that no-one wants to make friends with a council

I’ve been out and about again this week and speaking to Council’s about their social web strategies. Its interesting (to me at least!) to note a couple of the ideas which seem to have the greatest resonance as it would be good to know if these are themes which are ...

Life leak – its a nasty business

I have always been rather careful about letting different parts of my life interact with other parts. My parents had limited contact with my friends, I still keep two mobile numbers (work/personal in case you wonder), I fret about how to categorise people on instant messenger and I never email ...

Virtual Town Hall pilot – ready to go!

I’ve been rather focused this week on getting the paper I needed to get finished in order to explain the Virtual Town Hall concept and finish recruiting people for the pilot.  I’ve spoken to a lot of people in principle and had some very positive noises – now is the ...

Actual research results on this empowerment business

I went to an interesting seminar today at the CLG where Prof. Lawrence Pratchett and Dr Catherine Durose from De Montfort University talked about a recent systematic review they have carried out of a number of different empowerment tools.  You can find the full report on the CLG site and ...

Donegal workshop – rather long action research note!!

I was in Ireland this week helping to run a Citizenscape workshop in Donegal (one of the pilot sites). We are looking to involve Youth Councillors and other young people as community moderators (Just as an aside – I really struggle with what to call these folks as a group ...

Twitter – its all about listening

I have for some time now been struggling with the idea of Twitter. At first I was worried that this was a sign of aging and I had reached my personal limit in terms of new innovations but thankfully I am still filled with excitement about the idea of the ...

Cultural imperialism?

Its a bit of a segue but has anyone else noticed that the Wimbledon commentators have all been talking about players needing to ‘change up’?  Is this a sign that Henman et al have been getting all street from watching The Wire???


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