Pilot questionnaire?????

I have decided to get on and set-up my pilot questionnaire in order to establish a benchmark of behaviour from the pilot sites so that I can then see whether or not the work at the sites is having any effect.  I plan to administer the same questionnaire to all stakeholder groups as I think

The PLU problem online – a short thought

Looking at the world with a social captial filter on we need to remember the three types of social captial – Bonding, Bridging and Linking (Putman).  One of the notable features about most online communities is their homogeneity – ie their bonding capital.  Given the need for formal democracy to be inclusive I need ways

What was the question anyway?

Still at it with the actual research question so am trying to come at it from a different angle.  This post is as I was at the dentist earlier in the week and trying to explain what I was doing to Charlie (the dentist) as an avoidance technique – which is of course foolish as

Agile – First sprint

Well – end of the first sprint and things have gone really well (and as I write I realise how rare it is to be able to say this!).  The agile process has given us much more focus and it is really good for giving a real sense of progress to a project.  We have

Evaluation: Data collection

The data collection for the thesis is going to fall into two types: Action research notes from the project team Automated data collection from the CitizenScape websites The only thing that is essential in addition to this is to capture the baseline information so we can see what change has been effected by the Citizenscape