Week notes 11th June 2018

This is a quick note mainly to make sure I keep in the habit as I missed last week.  I’ve been heads down finishing our technology strategy and have not felt inclined to write much else.  That being said I have a few things rumbling about in my mind which I do want to get writing on:

  • We’re doing a lot of thinking about our theory of change at the moment and I want to capture some thoughts about why I think that all change is best thought of as system change
  • One of the results of the day in the life sessions that the team have been doing to help me (and it turns out others) get to grips with what they do that I have been thinking a lot about multidisciplinary working.  I am particularly thinking about how you make sure that respect and empathy are part of this as well as technical competancy
  • I have been trying to balance transparency and openness with a need to avoid setting hares running this last week or so.  This needs more thought but I was thinking back to some of the sessions at UKGC that I have been too where John Sheridan talks about how we are creating a digital archive of our decisions and how we best preserve the rights of people to think in private at the same time as making sure our decision making is public

This coming week I have a couple of internal milestones coming up where we are delivering that strategy and also starting to shape up something I am calling the ‘Future of work’.  I want to balance this with making sure I am making time for my team as we settle into our ways of working.  I’ll let you know next week how I got on.

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