What on earth is Citizenscape???

As I write it occurs to me that I will be mentioning Citizenscape a great deal and so it will be useful to at least provide the basic overview of what it is.  Citizenscape is really three different things:

  • Its an EU funded project:  You can find out more at www.citizenscape.org.  The project involves teams in Bristol, Donegal, Genoa and Zilinia and the practical trials will be starting in January 2009
  • Its a project methodology that helps a host organisation to get citzens involved in a democratic debate.  Or more accurately this is what it aspires to be and the project and PHD are focused on finding out if there is an effective and repeatable approach to this kind of stakeholder engagement (though lets agree to try and avoid using the stakeholder word in the future)
  • Its a technology approach:  Though the main thrust of my research is around the emthodology and engagement process Citizenscape is also the product term being used for a new style of website.  I will post more on this at some point but at the moment think of it as a web .0 website approach will blends internal and exteral content and also frees content to travel to other websites while still trying to provide a link back to the citizenscape site.

And we shall see how much this definition changes over the next few months!

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