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Democratic coproduction or the coproduction of democracy?

Democratic coproduction or the coproduction of democracy?

There are no good answers without good questions. The spaces in-between which connect different concepts are often relatively unexplored – I think this is the lure of multi-disciplinary work – these spaces express the tension between ideas but are also the connectors and bridges between different groups of thinkers and practitioners. I have for a

Perpetually social council

I feel very conscious that I have been writing a lot about NHS Citizen and not much about other projects like Social Council. One of my personal peeves is the way people are often announcing new things but making less fuss about the work in progress or even the outcomes so here I am trying

Social Council: Thinking in Public

I spent last Friday in Solihull for the first ‘proper’ meeting about the Social Council – this post to an attempt to explain what it is – but not too much as I will explain. First then the current working definition of the social council: The Social Council will bring together social values, representing the