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Creating a personal firebreak

Creating a personal firebreak

I really enjoyed reading about how the Helpful Technology gang managed to create what they call a firebreak for themselves — a pause in their work that allows them both to work on their own projects but also catch up on some of the housekeeping work that always gets pushed to the bottom of the pile (or

Adaptive programme management

I have been thinking about how you could best apply agile principles to project management for a while – you can read some of my earlier musing here. This draft programme design has been drawn from my experience in both action research and also agile development – the latter being in a management rather than

Social Council: Thinking in Public

I spent last Friday in Solihull for the first ‘proper’ meeting about the Social Council – this post to an attempt to explain what it is – but not too much as I will explain. First then the current working definition of the social council: The Social Council will bring together social values, representing the