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Hello, my name is Catherine Howe (HT @KateGranger for that intro format).  This blog is where I write about projects I am working on, capture my research in progress and generally organise my thinking in public.  It helps me enormously to have a place to do this – I hope you also find it useful.  Its also a place where I bring together ideas that I want to make real in the world – and most of these are looking at how we build the infrastructure of the network society without accidentally designing democracy out of it.

Here are some of the things I am currently working on:

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Social Media:  Why bother?

Social Media: Why bother?

This post is a mixture of field notes from projects I have been working on as well as some personal reflections. Circling all of this in the question – why bother with social media? We are getting to the end of the programme for the first cohorts of Networked Councillor ...

Democratic coproduction or the coproduction of democracy?

Democratic coproduction or the coproduction of democracy?

There are no good answers without good questions. The spaces in-between which connect different concepts are often relatively unexplored – I think this is the lure of multi-disciplinary work – these spaces express the tension between ideas but are also the connectors and bridges between different groups of thinkers and ...

How complicated can it really be?

How complicated can it really be?

I’ve spent the day running through the feedback from our NHS Citizen design workshop in Bristol the other week and scratching my head on where we go next with the tech side of things. We’ll be publishing the feedback once we have chance to process it a bit but I ...

Networking networked councillors

This is another blogpost in place of an email and reflects my observations of the second networked councillor workshop. You can read the first blogpost here. We have now run the workshop in Suffolk and West Sussex and the experience has actually been fairly consistent which is good! The focus ...

7 tribes of digital?

7 tribes of digital?

This is my half of a conversation that @Sarahlay and I had at @Localgovcamp.  She has written an excellent piece about it here which you should probably read first. Its also the next post in my thinking around networked or digital leadership which you can read about here. Sarah and ...

Policing social citizens – or helping them to police themselves

This blog is a summary of my talk at the recent policing social citizens unconference – you can see the webcasts here and catch up with other blogposts as well and I really recommend going to take a look – lots of great presentations but Prof. John Grieve and Peter ...

Why email when you can blog about networked councillor?

We’ve been working on the networked councillor programme for a while now and so its really exciting to see the first two groups up and running in Suffolk and West Sussex (two more to follow in Cambridgeshire and Solihull as well). I have said all along that I expect to ...

Collapsing context

This is by way of a very quick reflection on last week. It was supposed to be one on the latest NHS Citizen design session but the whole week has felt very connected so I think it makes sense to think of it that way rather than trying to keep ...

Perpetually social council

I feel very conscious that I have been writing a lot about NHS Citizen and not much about other projects like Social Council. One of my personal peeves is the way people are often announcing new things but making less fuss about the work in progress or even the outcomes ...

Digital civic space – the diagram

Digital civic space – the diagram

This post was inspired by Andrea Siodmok, Anthony Zach and my friend Meriel – each of whom in their own way pushed me over the edge (in a good way) to actually submit the corrections to my thesis rather than hoarding them gollam-like and simply muttering “my precious my precious” ...


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