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Hello, my name is Catherine Howe (HT @KateGranger for that intro format).  This blog is where I write about projects I am working on, capture my research in progress and generally organise my thinking in public.  It helps me enormously to have a place to do this – I hope you also find it useful.  Its also a place where I bring together ideas that I want to make real in the world – and most of these are looking at how we build the infrastructure of the network society without accidentally designing democracy out of it.

Here are some of the things I am currently working on:

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Action research diary

I found this useful sumamry of an action research diary (http://www.scu.edu.au/schools/gcm/ar/arr/arow/rdiary.html).  The first thing that struck me was the need for me to have more structure in my posts.  This suggests splitting posts under the following sections: Reflection Plan Action Observation So I might give this a go.  I have ...

Evaluation: Data collection

The data collection for the thesis is going to fall into two types: Action research notes from the project team Automated data collection from the CitizenScape websites The only thing that is essential in addition to this is to capture the baseline information so we can see what change has ...

Stakeholder meetings

One of the things we are trying to achieve with the project is a truely shared webspace that has been defined by allof the users and not just by the host organisation.  When you try and create this kind of event with local government you end up talking about stakeholder ...

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