Web 2.0 musings

A short appreciation of my new iphone

Having mentioned it more than a few times I thought I should at document my impressions of the iPhone – now we have been living together for a week….. This will be a short post as I am not that good with the touch screen typing yet – am hoping this will improve. Apart from

Chorley snow tweets

You’ll have noticed its been snowing….and there has been lots of twitter action at #uksnow (interesting article on this here).  I have been keeping a vague eye on the the council’s using twitter to communicate snow information as these kinds of ‘crisis comms’ needs is one of the ways we see the Virtual Town Hall

Social Police…..

I had a really interesting morning last week at the Policing Pledge conference which was aimed at best practice around the new policing pledge.  I ran two workshops and I wanted to share the slides here: [slideshare id=2758049&doc=policingpledgeconference02-12-09-091221074152-phpapp01] The groups where both very tolerant of both my crazed enthusiasm for the subject and also of

Contemplating twitter

So…not an original topic as everyone interested in social media is currently navel gazing on the same subject but you can’t have a research diary without recording these thoughts…so here we go….current twitter status:  37 tweets in with 49 followers and following 85 people so its early days but my thoughts to date are: I