I wanted to do a quick capture of my thoughts about #PDDigital15 on Thursday – it was such a brilliant event I wanted to reflect on what made it so good. Here are some thoughts: Collaborative leadership: The event wouldn’t have happened without the amazing Victoria Betton but she is very clear that she didn’t do it

#UKGC15 reflections

#UKGC15 reflections

This is my quick capture of initial thoughts and impressions – I have been writing it over the course of the week.  I will be writing up my session on the golden thread of democracy properly though this may not happen until next weekend. The header picture is from the sky garden in the walkietalkie

Are Comms the blockers?

Better late than never?  Here is a rather delayed writeup of a session I facilitated at CommsCamp…… Ok then, slightly provocative title but it did get people’s attention. The question I put to the group was about the fact that, within the wider organisation, communications are often seen as the blocker with respect to social media

20 things from BlueLightCamp13

Just blogging a quick 20 pointer (HT @Danslee) after a great weekend at BluelightCamp. I have blogged the network of networks here so this is a more general write up. Thank yous Thank you Sasha, Mark and Clare , Angus and Simon for a fab event. Really interesting mix of people and as ever with these

We need to talk about politics

I was the Guardian’s Public Leaders Summit on Wednesday as well as at the NLGN’s Future Councillor event on Saturday and this post is reflection on both of those events. I’ve also been hearing back from some of the Police Officers I am working with on the Strategic Command Course and this has also influenced

Mistress of Networks

This is the follow up post on the Master of Networks event I wrote about here. The objective of the event was to bring together policy makers and network scientists to examine how network thinking might play a role in the policy making process.  As I am supposed to be editing chapter 3 at the