The everlasting hunt for the hum

The everlasting hunt for the hum

I’ve been thinking about meetings a lot this week…..while in a lot of meetings. It’s been odd joining an organisation during what we can officially refer to as Strange Times. The thing I have found most difficult is in finding the rhythm of the place. Every team and organisation has what I call a ‘hum’

Adaptive programme management

I have been thinking about how you could best apply agile principles to project management for a while – you can read some of my earlier musing here. This draft programme design has been drawn from my experience in both action research and also agile development – the latter being in a management rather than

Taking the Technology out of Agile – #UKGC12

This is my write up of the session that @pubstrat and I curated at UKGC12. Large apologies for the delay. @pubstrat and I have been meaning to have coffee and general catchup ever since UKGC11 and I am hugely glad we finally managed it as it set my brain buzzing – will be stalking him

#localgovcamp – Agile session

So – this is the write up from the agile session I led at #localgovcamp. Much of the preamble I started off with can be found in other blog posts but the core of the session was trying to move the conversation that was had at UKGovCamp in January on a bit further – so