Blogger/Identity questionnaire

I wrote a piece recently which talked about whether or not the place where you place content interacts / effects your sense of self online – do places create people in the same way as people create places.  You can read the full piece here.  My thought is that if you write yourself into being online then you are leaving a piece of yourself where ever you create content – and I wonder what this means.

I don’t have time to explore this properly at the moment but I do have time to do a little data analysis and thinking if I can persuade some people who blog in more than one place to answer a few questions and perhaps have a phone conversation.

I will publish some results once I have around 20 respondents.  If you are willing to take part the questionnaire is here

I haven’t piloted the questionnaire so if any bits fail to make sense then please let me know.

Many thanks for helping me with the curiosity!

PS  This post from localgovcamp is also relevant to this thread