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Digital Inclusion Facts and Figures

This is a really quick post to share the background stats and my presentation from CityCamp Brighton yesterday.  The day focused on the massive issue of Digital Inclusion and what the CityCamp network can do to help play a part in reducing it.  Lots of ideas and pledges came through and I can’t wait to see the next stage of this when we work through them – see you all at the next third thursday meet-up.  Good to see the issues of how to connect older people to social networks in parallel with discussions about wider engagement and a more esoteric debate about the future of local media and democracy – lots to talk about.

However debate goes better with facts so here are  just four links to provide the start of the evidence base:

If you really like this stuff then I have more data on the Fact Glorious Facts page.  Please get in touch if you have any questions.

I sometimes wonder where digital evangelism stops and a moral imperative to help people get connected online starts and I think this is an open question.  However the evidence is very clearly there to show that everyone should have an equal opportunity to join the network society – whether or not they decide to continue to participate in it.

4 Responses to “Digital Inclusion Facts and Figures”

  1. alex says:


    Thanks for putting this post up

    In Edinburgh, online connections for the final 30 – 40% or so not on-line is primarily about cost, and what’s in it for me, then mixture of access/mobility/education/safety/training etc….

    Cost – can it be tackled by innovative ISP models?
    Motivation – this may be more of a stick e.g. Welfare Reform
    Access and Training – all sorts of offers available

    Do you wish to compare models between cities?


  2. Becky Faith says:


    Don’t know if you’re in the loop with the Social Digital Research network? I went to the event in July and there was a wealth of research presented by the ONS, Ofcom etc . I wasn’t able to attend in September but it looks like there was some great material presented there too

    Looking forward to the (outdoor!) meetup tomorrow night.

    Becky Faith

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