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UKGC11 – thank you

I really had an excellent day at UKGovCamp yesterday (for other blogs and tweets have a look here) and before I go into the detail of it I want to take a moment to pause and thank Dave Briggs and Steph Gray for an outstanding organising job. Or as may be more accurate thank Steph for

#ff deficit reduction

I am rubbish at #ff partly because I never get round to it, partly because I never remember on a Friday and partly because I have yet to find an iphone client which makes it easy to pick a list of people (suggestions on this very welcome).  Anyway, I read content from some really interesting and talented folks and

A quick overview of digital activism

Much of the thinking within my thesis is highly influenced by the behaviours and effects of communities – specifically geographically defined communities. However to limit my research to just this kind of civic activity is to ignore much of the online participation that is reaching beyond the purely social. Digital activism covers a range of activities, usually focused around single or

Facts…I think…

Right – may have gone a little mad today but have assembled a LOT of facts into a new page (its was too big even for me to post as a blog entry). So I present with fear and trepidation Facts Glorious  Facts for you to enjoy… I am not yet happythat this has got any kind of narrative